Sibling Wars

The school day begins. I am in the kitchen grappling with cooking. I hear loud screaming and yelling. My children are doing what they do best – squabbling.

Sibling wars. One can actually write a thesis on this, and still not understand the dynamics of this phenomenon.


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My children have study tables that are at right angles – when both move their chairs backwards and if, by chance, the chairs crash into each other, a war erupts.

You would think that a six seater dining table would have enough room for four people. Apparently not! Both children want the same chair, every day, for every meal. TV shows are a bone of contention, the bathroom is a warzone. The bedroom is the missile room, armed as it is with pillows.

There are unspoken symbols and codes of conduct. There are lists of ‘what you dids’ on both sides, which resurface every day. They cannot agree on food or TV, computer games or books, studying in the same room or sharing resources. Each time they get in the car they clamour for the same seat. They draw invisible divider lines on the car seat, like animals marking their territory, pushing away even the other’s shadow if it crosses this line.

They look daggers at each other,  don’t give way when they cross the doorway simultaneously, hide each others’ things and smile secret smiles of victory.

I watch this sibling-war and remember such battles with my sisters. Watching them as a mom, however,  is aggravating. The best way to handle this constant bickering is to go passive. They get no reaction from me at all. I am blamed for both taking, and not taking sides.

The warring siblings leave for school –  one takes the stairs and the other takes the lift.  The storm has passed and the house becomes blissfully quiet.

In a few hours, two happy faces will come home, freshen up and look at each other, and off they’ll go again.

But the funny part is, if one goes on a school field trip or weekend camp, the other soon starts pining!

Sibling logic baffles me☺☺.


18 thoughts on “Sibling Wars”

  1. My kids aren’t too bad and I owe that to being a girl and a boy who are nearly 5 years apart. That’s not to say they can get started over the silliest things though. I have a twin sister and when we were younger there was just no end!!

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  2. “Mom, she’s touching me!” Being trapped in a car with your sibling sucks when you’re an adolescent, but that will pass. My sister and I fought like cats and dogs when we were growing up. Now we’re the best of friends. Give it time, Nimi.

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  3. Beautifully said!! Ilove the choice of words you use.. As if they are two enemy countries.. πŸ˜‰ Was smiling big reading that.. πŸ™‚ But the cutest part was the pining.. There’s no fun in having a sibling and not fighting ALL.THE.TIME.. πŸ˜› But need that sibling to fight.. πŸ˜‰

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  4. My Mom had a sister and no brothers. She says she was mean to her younger sister. This is so opposite of how she is and her sister still loves her. β™‘β™‘ I was blessed to be only girl. Didn’t have to share anything but I did grow close to brothers and we call or text weekly. Hope you can make it through the sibling rivalry to when they become lifelong friends, Nimi! πŸ™‚

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