Sibling banter

Last night, we wound up after what was a very long day for all of us.

I sat with the kids, listening to their friendly sibling banter, my mind focused on my ‘Things to do list’. Only a few things they said actually registered with me.


     Courtesy –

One word,  ‘birthday’, made me look up and pay attention. The conversation went something like this.

Son: My birthday’s coming up in a month.

Teen daughter: Wow, yes. What are you planning?

Son: I think I am too old for b’day parties. I will, maybe, have a few friends over.

Teen daughter: Why don’t you want a party? You did the same thing for Halloween. You did not want to go trick or treating.

Son: What’s wrong with that?

Teen daughter: You are growing up too need to enjoy these things at your age.

(I think, “Wow, my daughter is really giving good advice)

Son: Hmmmm….

Teen daughter: Just remember, if you give up all these things too soon….and then expect to eat all my Halloween candies,  that I gather after hours of planning and make-up, think twice. NO WAY will you get them.

Hmmmm……! So that’s what it was all about…I go back to planning my schedule with a smile on my face.

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15 Responses to Sibling banter

  1. Nimi
    You make these simple moments so enjoyable for your readers

    big hugs


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  2. Interesting. How old is your son? My son just turned 13 and it seems like I’m more anxious for him to grow out of these things than he is.

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  3. Erika Kind says:

    Haha…. lol!!! Thank you for sharing this! That twist is amazing!

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  4. Belinda Crane says:

    Older sisters … you have to love them!

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  5. Adrian B says:

    Funny story Nimi. Your kids are very smart and they know what they want.

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  6. joannesisco says:

    Wise words – with a less-than-altruistic bend 🙂

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