My favourite uncle

Growing up, we’ve all had our favourite uncles, aunts and cousins. There were some ‘go to’ aunts and uncles, who indulged us, some whom we went to for advice and then again, others whom we didn’t bother with.

My all-time favourite uncle was my Dad’s younger brother. When he was with us, fun times were not far away.

From birthday cakes to surprise treats, he made our childhood days so special.

One absolutely special memory with him was  ‘Kids’ Movie Night’.  Whenever a new children’s film played in one of the oldest cinema houses in town, our uncle took us to watch them – ‘Annie’, ‘Lassie come home’, ‘Herbie goes Bananas’, ‘Jungle Book’ and countless other wonderful films.  We usually went to the 6 pm show on Saturdays.

When we stepped out of the theatre after the movie, the roads were usually deserted. Due to the biting cold, we wore our sweaters and caps, and walked back with our uncle.

On the way back, we usually made two stops. The first stop was just outside the theatre at a peanut seller’s stall. He was an integral part of the movie-going experience. He stood behind his stall, roasting peanuts in a huge wok, which had sand at the bottom. The spatula with which he roasted made a metallic grating sound, the only sound that could be heard on that road.  The warm fire of his stove set his face aglow, as he smiled at my uncle in recognition.


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He deftly rolled paper into cones and filled them to the brim with warm peanuts. We slowly munched our way through those yummy peanuts, as we headed towards our second stop.

This was a small, quaint tea shop, which served great coffee and tea (as I discovered when I grew up). But, when we were with our uncle, we got to have warm, creamy glasses of fresh milk and cookies to go with them.

My uncle chatted with the owner, as my sister and I drank our milk and compared our white ‘milk mustaches’, giggling at each other.

We discussed our favourite parts in the movie, as we held our uncle’s hands and walked back to our cozy home.

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22 Responses to My favourite uncle

  1. katelon says:

    What a great uncle! I grew up in a town with two sets of aunt’s and uncles and have no memories of close relationships with them. I remember doing things with my cousins but the parents were on the periphery.

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  2. Uncle’s are great! They are like the fun parents we never had. My Uncle was so funny and often took us to flea markets and yard sales. He loved collecting. Thank you for bringing back these memories for me.

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  3. …wonderful memories shared with us

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  4. Everyone needs an uncle like that! 🙂

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  5. Sastha says:

    Lovely post, Nimmi! The groundnut seller is quite special… no one will forget him!

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  6. D K Powell says:

    I only knew one uncle and I loved him dearly. They’re just the best aren’t they?

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  7. You were very lucky to have such an uncle Nimi 😀

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  8. reocochran says:

    Your movie nights sound memorable and so lovely, Nimi. Your uncle certainly found a great way to allow you both to feel like adults and mow, I shall wish “Good night” 🙂

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  9. joannesisco says:

    I didn’t grow up with an extended family, get togethers, etc so I’m always a bit envious of those who did. It sounds like your uncle loved your company as much as you loved his 🙂

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