Shopping with a teen

I love shopping, like every other woman. I can spend hours trying on clothes and accessories, and walking till my heels beg me to sit down. 

But shopping with a teen is another experience altogether. So we have jeans, tees and other tops on our shopping list. My daughter’s requirements are specific. She knows exactly what she wants, and goes looking for them with determination.

So, we go to the jeans store. My eyes pop with the sheer variety and cuts. All kinds of designs.

My daughter wants something cool. The shop assistant brings a pair that has scratches on the thighs. Like a cat clawed the cloth. My daughter finds this appealing.

Then we see ‘distressed’ jeans. I prefer the cat scratches. Sigh!

We move on to the t-shirts. My daughter brings 7 or 8 to try on. But they are all black in colour, with silver or white designs.

I ask her why she would want to look like the night sky all the time. She merely gives me that ‘Mom, I know what I am doing look’.

Courtesy – Clipart Panda

We go around in circles, getting loaded with black. Accessories are not very different – cool is feathers, cool is ‘can’t even see the dot that passes off for a earring’, cool is long chains. 

We finally finish. My daughter is so excited with her shopping. I amble home. I enjoy her energy.

 I know that her tastes will change. Vibrant colours will wash into her wardrobe, she will experiment. She will find her own sense of style that defines the unique person she is. She will stop trying to fit in and learn to be more comfortable in her skin. 

We will go shopping again, my daughter and I. We will sit down with aching feet and smile at the fun day we shared, sipping an aromatic cup of coffee. 


28 thoughts on “Shopping with a teen”

  1. Great blog post. Made me laugh. When I was a teenager back in the 70s ripped jeans were “the thing.” My Dad hated them. Then in the 1980s I was an adult in my 20s and everything in my closet was black. My Dad asked me if I was becoming a Ninja! LOL!! Now that I’m in my 50s I’m all for Comfort and color! Probably my parents are up in Heaven laughing right now!! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

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  2. It sounds like you are fairly lucky with your daughter – I was (and still am) a nightmare as a teen shopping, if I wanted trousers I came out with a skirt, if I was looking for a shirt, I ended up with a pair of shoes and so on… It is amazing how forgivingly patient parents can be πŸ˜€

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  3. Ha-ha! What a great subject to discuss! My daugther is 13 years old and shopping also became difficult :-). Jeans & t-shirts are her favorites, she always needs another white shirt & black jeans πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :). She loves shopping with me, but it terrifies me since she became teen! Lol

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