Condensed Cat

It’s 9.00 pm in the evening. My son and I step out of our building to sit by the pool. Warm, humid air envelops us, as we walk towards the pool. We are here to meet my son’s friend and his mom, for some school-related work.

We’ve been having rainy weather of late. The pool side chairs are semi-wet. 

There’s hardly anyone at this hour. Lights from homes all around us vie for attention. In some homes the flashing images from the television dance on the wall. People in some homes are silhouetted against the light.

There are the dark forms of people getting back from work. The sky is far, far above. The few stars that can be seen seem dull when compared to the white, glaring lights that we mortals use.

Two swimmers cut silently through the water; only a gentle swish can be heard. 

My son and I wait in companiable silence. My son wanders away for a bit, and I check my phone.

Two minutes later, my son calls out to me, and draws my attention to a cat. A cat that he has drawn with his fingers, on the water that has condensed on the  outside glass wall of the multi-purpose hall, where the aircon has been turned on within.

I smile. It is one cute cat. We share this moment, a cat on a glass wall. One moment of fun, snatched from a busy day.