My Social Skill Set

Whether I like it or not, social media has become an integral part of who I am. In addition to all the ID cards I have, I now take great effort to maintain my online ‘social identity’.Β  Maintaining a social connect is not as easy as it seems. It calls for a skill set that would put top-notch resumes to shame!


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So what are the skills?

It calls for a certain type of skill to read, like and comment on forwards and articles. It calls for a strong memory to remember which jokes have already been received and which jokes are to be forwarded, and to whom?

It calls for round-the-clock alertness. It calls for enormous amounts of self-control to stop refreshing messages. It calls for a calm mind to stop reacting each time you hear a ping.

It calls for the ability to take quizzes about your personality, your IQ and your vision. It tests your skills as a farmer, as a ninja, as a catapult expert, as a word builder, as a selfie-taker, and many more.

Social network forwards play on your emotions. You suddenly find yourself reading about missing children, and raising money for surgeries. How do you verify the authenticity of these posts?

While you worry about these little kids, there is one article that claims coffee can burn all your fat. As you scroll down in happiness sipping your coffee, you read another article which says coffee will make you put on weight. Phew!

Some articles make you guilty, some make you laugh. You read about the holidays people are taking, the movies people are watching, and add your own to this space.

Even if you go on a social media detox program, it will lure you back – back into a world where everything is virtually real.

13 thoughts on “My Social Skill Set”

  1. Good points! Only 2 years ago I had never thought to ever end up on social media … until my publisher put me on Twitter, Facebook and fortunately, WordPress! It can be challenging to remember the conversations. It is impossible to do it with all the 250 blogs I follow but some bloggers have gotten really close and feel already like friends.

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  2. I agree with Marissa. I also liked your tone of voice, Nimi. I get the sense that your real, offline life is far more important, full, rich and vibrant than your social media one. We all have something to do with our days. ❀

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  3. Social media is a constant battle for me – hence my mass catch up on your blog posts! Like the telephone of decades ago, I think social media is here to stay for a long long time and we might as well face up to it!

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