Mystery of the missing scissors!

A few weeks ago, I was looking for a marker pen, a permanent marker. I searched high and low, in all the cupboards where I have sorted stationery by category (read OCD). There were many markers, in various stages of ‘inklessness’. When I tried to write with them, their energy seemed to fizzle out by the time I drew a mere squiggle.

This is undoubtedly one of ‘those’ laws at work. And during this hunt for markers, I only saw scissors. Every room, every pencil holder in our home seemed to be teeming with scissors. Small and big, red and yellow.

Even on my work desk there was a big, cheerful looking scissor that seemed to say, “Hi!”

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My search proved futile and I had to go out to buy a marker.

Cut to yesterday. I was in the kitchen preparing to make pizza. I took out the cheese packet, and looked for a pair of scissors. I usually have two in the kitchen. 

Looked everywhere, couldn’t find them. My work desk scissor was also missing.  Could only find a blunt, old pair of craft scissors.

Where were the rest? Did they hear me whine that there were too many of them? Had they walked out? Were they all hiding somewhere, gloating at my helplessness, and hoping that I would realize how useful they are.

I do. I do. 

As of this morning, they are still missing. Maybe if I go looking for paper clips or something, I will find all of them.

Come back, you guys.


20 thoughts on “Mystery of the missing scissors!”

  1. The same thing happens to me. I go looking for one thing and then I find something else I was looking for either days or weeks ago. Last time I was searching for an important document and came upon some junk I needed to get rid of. However all was not lost. Not only did I find what I was seeking I also did some Spring Cleaning. So my junk drawer is not as junky.

    As for the sock Gremlins, well they must have an agreement with the Sprites to hide inside washers and dryers spiriting away or socknapping as the case may be. Somewhere in an alternative universe there exists a planet with all our lost socks and hosiery!! LOL!! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

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  2. This made me smile, Nimi! So many times I misplaced things. . . The worst thing about living by myself, I cannot blame anyone else!
    I came home from store, putting away groceries and later, went to call my daughter. Where wasn’t phone!?
    I had an apt neighbor come over and call my phone # and could not hear it. Was about to head back to the store, maybe I dropped it? Then, thirsty opened fridge to have an iced tea, there wasn’t phone! (Of course couldn’t hear it ringing in the refrigerator!) I’m only 61. . . not senile, right? Smiles Robin πŸ’

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  3. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to keep office desk scissors at work from wandering off and never returning??? We have replaced our front office scissors 5 times now. I can’t believe someone is taking them home!! We have 2 major culprits and ask them when we can’t find them and the answer is always the same, “I dunno”!!! I have thought about putting a lanyard on 1 of the finger holes and attach a laminated card with the printing “RETURN TO FRONT DESK”. But somehow don’t think that will work. Next thought, put in fake cameras facing where the are supposed to be kept, and change the sign to, “SMILE! YOU HAVE JUST HAD YOUR PICTURE TAKEN!!!”….
    Any suggestions???

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