A woman’s best friend

A woman’s best friend is her handbag. Mine definitely is. My handbag bears witness to my life and carries bits and pieces of me, wherever I go. 

Picture courtesy – Clipart Kid

My handbag is very faithful. It has never disappointed me when I have sought something from its insides – though I may not have found  what I was actually looking for.

My handbag can multi-task, and can carry books, phones, chargers, colouring books, thousands of ‘things to do’ lists, discount coupons, frayed tickets, rubber bands, hairclips, combs, lipstick, compact, face tissue, band aids, a mini pharmacy, sun glasses, water bottles, keys, vague looking bits of crumpled paper that must have had some value in another era of my life.

My handbag has helped assuage ‘that’ crazy hunger that catches me between big meals, by supplying biscuits or wafers and the ocassional health-bar. It has provided books to write down chores or ‘things to do’ lists – that seem to play hide and seek with women in their forties.

It has provided materials to distract my children, when they suddenly decided that they couldn’t stand each other a moment longer.

From the outside, my bag looks elegant. On the inside chaos reigns, as the law of Once In Never Out is in full force.  The bag is like a sedimentary rock, layer upon layer of my life piled one on top of the other.

My bag knows me and my needs. It knows that I may come looking for an old bit of paper or a rubber band or an oatmeal cracker at any time. Some violent shaking of the bag and some patience is all that’s required!

What would really help deepen this relationship is to have a HPS (Handbag Positioning System) which can tell me, with a mere swipe of my phone, ‘what is where’ in my handbag and provide an inventory and map to what’s inside.

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12 Responses to A woman’s best friend

  1. Shivangi says:

    Hahaha… good one Nimi. Soon technology will find a solution to ‘Find things in my handbag and home’ too!

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  2. Funny…for years I never carried a handbag. Now I like them, especially for fashion’s sake, but rarely have anything more than my keys, wallet and cell phone in there…occasionally a lipstick…

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  3. katelon says:

    I’ve struggled to pare down what I carry in my bag, so I can carry a smaller bag. It’s challenging. I don’t like to switch bags either, wanting one bag for all occasions.

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  4. so well described…

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  5. I love this post! The law of Once In Never Out is hilarious and certainly true!

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  6. Joanne Sisco says:

    I could relate to this. A few months ago I decided to dramatically downsize to a very tiny purse … barely big enough for my wallet.
    You guessed it … even with just a handful of items in there, I still have trouble finding things :/

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