Sibling tales #1

This is a story that happens in every family. When the entire family is heading out, there is always one person who is either looking for his/her missing socks or shoes or smartphone, while the rest of the family is standing at the door, simmering or annoyed or yelling or indifferent to this person.

The story is pretty much the same every time, but the character, who is late, keeps changing.

It happened in our home this morning too!

My husband, daughter and I were already in the living room, waiting for the youngest member, my son.


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My daughter’s irritation peaked, as my son, totally oblivious to all of this continued to belt out a song.

My daughter muttered under her breath.

When I asked her, she said, “He always delays us. He is always late…”

I asked her, “Have you never caused a delay? Hmmm?”

Pat came her reply , “Of course I have not.”

I asked her, “Since when?”

She replied, “From this moment.”

“Very funny”, I said, rolling my eyes.

At that moment my son joined us, still crooning. Business as usual. We managed to leave without a full blown war.


10 thoughts on “Sibling tales #1”

  1. I was usually the late one. I’d get ready early, then since everyone else wasn’t ready, I’d find something to do and the rest of the family had to wait for me.

    How cute that your son was singing.

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  2. My mother in law tells a story often. She would have herself and all 4 children dressed and ready to go out the door, and they would always be waiting on their father, a “bathroom dawdler”. It didn’t ever change. My husband expressed his annoyance at this quality often. My own kids…never kept us waiting…it was a sort of karmic payback that benefitted us all. πŸ’•

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