Summer mangoes

Summer in the tropics is synonymous with heat, humidity and aggravation. However, summer time is also ‘mango time’.

Every market stocks multiple varieties of mangoes. The golden beauties are piled in pyramids in wide, cane baskets.

You can smell them before you see them. Alphonso, Banganapalli, Neelam, Thothapuri, Malgova, Raspuri…so many, many varieties.


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When we were kids, my dad would stock up on mangoes every Sunday.Β  School vacation afternoons were spent with my sisters, in the backyard, eating whole, juicy mangoes with our hands. Squeezing the pulp and scraping every bit of juice and fiber from each mango.

We had yellow, sticky mustaches and palms to show for our efforts.

Tender baby mangoes were pickled, and we had these everyday with curd rice.

We could never ever have enough of this delicious fruit.Β  After marriage, I discovered that my husband’s family were mango lovers too!Β  So the saga continues.

Mangoes are one of the greatest joys of an Indian summer, especially eating them with your hands!


22 thoughts on “Summer mangoes”

  1. In my districs(most of my near my taluka) farmers sell mangoes so many tons in summer. Most of farmers have mangoe farm, our districs known as a ‘Kutch Kesar Mangoes’. Mango king of fruit.

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      1. Yes, I know. I agree. The ones outside India do not have the same taste. What I meant was the range we have in India is great. And we are spoilt for choice πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

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      2. Haha exactly and most of these mangoes are hybrids. Not only mangoes but all other fruits too outside India are hybrids.. They don’t taste I get in India… Though we produce in low quantity we make a quality fruits I feel… I have tested all fruits from most part of the world..mostly the USA fruits have some quality like the Indian fruits.. Others nope..

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  2. Very true:) In our village we have a variety of wild mangoes called ‘ sakkare maavu’ sugar mangoes. They are small mangoes, we have to suck them, we cannot cut them . They are heavenly:))

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