Not a cent…

A couple of years ago, my son came up to me, and asked if he could start getting pocket money on a regular basis.

I asked him if he needed to buy anything?

“Yes, I need many things. So,  I thought I would plan out what I need, and buy it with my pocket money”, he said.

We agreed on an amount, and a few chores that he needed to do to earn a portion of the pocket money. The deal was signed.

After a few weeks of saving up, one evening, he came to me with a list of things he wanted to buy.

So, we went down to the local super-market, and a stationery shop. 

My son looked for all the items he wanted, noted down the prices, added, subtracted, deleted and prioritized…and then guess what?

He did not spend even a single cent!

I asked him for the reason.

He mulled over my question and said, “Things are so expensive, I have to plan better.”

I smiled. Kids…give them their own money and they are loath to spend it!!


42 thoughts on “Not a cent…”

  1. Haha nice story, I can totally relate! I started waiting tables my senior year of high school, made about $12 an hour. Me and my friends would go out to get ice cream, and I’d look at it and go, “This ice cream isn’t worth a half hour of working my butt off. Not buying it!”
    Best way to save money is to earn it!!

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  2. LOL. my daughter is the same. She will not spend her money but she has no problem to spend mine. She keeps them for something else that in the end I will end up buying it for her. What can I do she is my princes. All the best.

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  3. Oh yeah :), my son a gift card from my office folks for his thread ceremony and that I could not use online so purchased a TT table for the value using my card, then I started using that gift card for grocery and one day we went to a restaurant and after the dinner all of us told Thank you to him for the dinner and then the realisation came that it was his gift card he was so annnoyed πŸ™‚

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