The Toy Cupboard

The days seem to whiz past, the hands of the clock seeming to move faster, when nobody watches them.  The newborn has become a toddler, a tween and a teen. 

Picture courtesy – @ Can Stock Photo

Slivers of silver in the hair; time seems to have stopped briefly, only in digital pictures and short video capsules. 
I stand before the Toy Cupboard in the children’s room. I remember  my discussions with a carpenter (fifteen years ago) to design a toy cupboard that would be both child-friendly and visually appealing. The toy cupboard was delivered, and has been used ever since.

Toys are no longer in the ‘radar’ for my kids. Maybe it is time to retire the cupboard and buy something that would be more relevant.

Easier said than done. I stand before the cupboard looking at clearing some old toys. There are dolls and vehicles, predominantly. 

Barbies, dolls that can close and open their eyes, doll accessories (tons of them) from mini-wardrobes to laundry kits to party and dinner sets.  Echoes from the past waft around, a giggle here, a smile there, a teacher’s game, a mom bakes cookies game, playdough colours stretch these memories into wonderful shapes and vibrant moments.

Afternoons spent combing and braiding dolls’ hair. Then, the move to loom bands and badge-makers, and beading and card-making. Wonderful glittery afternoons spent with coloured tape, beads, string and sequins.

Then, there are the dinosaurs and trucks and cars and Transformers and Ben10 Aliens and more trucks, and magnets and tools and diggers and mixers. Days spent chasing imaginary enemies around the home, the sounds of vehicles moving furiously, accompanying the dash through the house.

Bows and arrows and Nerf guns, a warrior here and an action hero there, peeking from under the cot or standing up bravely for a cause.

Cuddly toy comforters, bits and pieces of broken toys, so many more – each and every one of them associated with a precious memory.

Where did the years fly? I relive those moments all over again.

I may not retire the cupboard. At least, not just yet!

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16 Responses to The Toy Cupboard

  1. Shivangi says:

    This made me cry Nimi… Although my kids are still small, I am too scared of the time when the toys would be discarded. Already, I felt bad sayingbye bye to all baby clothings and stuff… My little one is a toddler and the older one is a kindergartner… Sometimes I feel like holding time greedily. But then this is ‘moh’ not love… Letting go is imp, this is what I tell myself! Wonderful post!

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  2. Yes, toys hold tons of memories but they are one of those things, I think, that you just can’t hold on to forever…and the often break before they can become keepsakes.

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  3. katelon says:

    You can save the toys for your grandkids 🙂

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  4. kcg1974 says:

    I so can relate to this! No, don’t retire the cupboard…Grandchildren? Or maybe little ones in the neighborhood will come to play one day? You have so much to offer. A kind heart, love, and innocent play. Don’t toss it away. 😊❤️ Lovely post.

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  5. With pieces like that with so much history, seems better to repurpose its life if possible. Then ou can relive the old memories and make new ones. Happy weekend!

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  6. mukhamani says:

    Whole of last month, our grandson, daughter’s son, played with the Lego sets of our son and daughter. :))

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