Life’s little breaks

I have been staring at my computer screen for the last two hours. I need a break; I stretch my arms and lean back on my swivel chair, which extends with me to accommodate the stretch. Wow…that really feels good. Ten seconds was all it took, a stretch, a break…and back to work again.

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An intense cardio workout, and you finally get a water break, heart pounding, sweat pouring…no water tasted this sweet, ever!

You are busy cooking for guests, and when all the dishes are simmering, you go out on the balcony and take in a few deep breaths!

When you know you have worked-out hard during the week, and Sunday is your cheat day, and when you know you don’t have to count the steps or the calories…!

And just last night, we were at a friend’s place for dinner, and the conversation meandered to our childhood, and exams, and how after 2 to 3 hours of intensive study, we would treat ourselves to a few chapters of a new book that we were reading then!

Coming home after a holiday, and stretching out in the comfort of one’s own home -a known and loving space – and catching some shut eye!

While there are the big holidays and travelling, and long vacation breaks….it is these small, everyday breaks that keep us enthused, keep us going.

These breaks are the punctuation marks in our lives, where we pause, but briefly, and then get going again.