A Scar-ry Dream

I have a small scar on my forehead, almost hidden by my hair.  My daughter, noticed it one day and asked me if it was a birthmark?

I told her that it was a scar from chilhood and proceeded to tell her the story behind the scar.

When I was in Grade 2, I was cast in the role of a princess in our annual school concert. The princess had to wear a red silk gown with sequins, shimmering and glittering.

My eyes grew as big as saucers when I saw the dress, and I imagined myself, on stage, in that dress.

The concert went off well, but I refused to take off the dress till the weekend was over. And every day after that, when I came back from school, I would wear the same dress, much to the initial amusement of my folks and then to the growing irritation and exasperation!

Our home had a wooden staircase, which led to a bedroom on the first floor. The staircase had a wooden carved railing. When I stood  near the highest step, my eyes were level with the ceiling light in the room below. I always stood and admired this.

During one of the red princess outfit days, I had a dream that I was flying through the stair railings and around the light in the room below. It was so realistic that I believed I could do it for real.

The very next morning I stood on the stairs and launched myself, trying to get through the railings. I tripped and rolled with heavy bumps and thuds on the wooden stairs straight into a small brass decorative lamp, on whose sharp edge I hit my head. It was quite painful and I was given 4 stitches on the head.

A truly ‘Scar-ry Dream’ it was!