At the nail spa

I admire women who have long nails that are well manicured. These women are always seen with the most perfect nail colour painted on; colours that blend so perfectly with their attire. How do they pull it off? Their nail paint never seems to chip off!

Courtesy –

As for me, I have never been able to grow my nails to any decent size. They seem to grow well enough, however there are many challenges that my nails seem to face. For starters, long nails and typing on the keyboard don’t go together. If there is a strategy for this I would love to know about it. Each time my nail length is satisfactory to lend itself to those glamorous looking manicures, at least one nail has an accident. I remember the time that I cut one of my nails off when I was chopping veggies. That did it for me! 

And it is crazy when just one nail from amongst ten beauties breaks. One has to start the process all over again.

So, I go for prolonged periods with my nails cut short, and the ‘no nail paint’ look. But then again, I have these bursts of enthusiasm when I see women with beautiful nails. Then I start…..

This is one of my ‘growing and painting my nails’ phases. This evening I have to attend an event, and decide to get an express manicure at the nail spa. They give me those huge rings with colour samples. I make my choice after careful deliberation. I have this strong ability to smudge or mess up the nail paint in ten minutes flat.

I pay in advance so that I don’t have to pull out money from my bag after the manicure.

I am well settled, and get ready to be pampered. There is a ‘Just for laughs’ show playing on the television. I shake with laughter. The lady politely tells me not to move my fingers. I try avoiding the TV. I observe the artificial flowers, the rows of fluffy towels stacked up and the hundreds of bottles of nail paint that look like bowling pins, waiting to be struck.

And then it starts. My cheek starts itching. I am unable to move. I mentally scratch my cheek but can’t do more. After the manicure is done they ask me to wait for 10 minutes for the paint to dry. The two ladies are having a conversation. My cheek continues to itch, and I rub my cheek on my shoulders.

The lady warns me to be careful for an hour. I manage to get home without too much problem. My nails look nice and polished. I feel like I have accomplished something. If I last till the event is over, I would consider it full value for the money I spent. 

Then again, it is very difficult to type on my phone with my nails. So, if there are any typos in this post, blame them on my nails.