Last night, my children wanted me to sit with them till they went to sleep.  As they relaxed and stretched in their bed, we talked about silly things and shared a couple of jokes. Slowly they dropped off. I had stretched out ..and unbeknownst to myself, I fell asleep in the kids room too!

My husband had gone to sleep early, as he had a headache.

I did not realize that I was fast asleep, until I was woken up by the ringing of a phone.  It took me a while to get my bearings in the room, I moved my hand over the side table and found the phone.It was not mine.

I was still floating in layers of sleep. Finally, some sane corner of my brain figured that it was my husband’s phone. He uses a different brand of phone from mine, and my sleepy head was trying to switch off the annoying alarm.

My eyes were only partially open till then. When I finally looked properly, my heart nearly popped out of my rib cage. It was past midnight and it was a call. The shocking part was that the call was coming-in from our own landline.

Needless to say, I was spooked. My brain was alert with fear, but unable to think coherently. I rushed out of the kids’ bedroom to find that all the lights in the house were switched on!

I called out to my husband in fear. He replied that he was in the living room and asked me if I had seen his mobile? He had tried to locate it using the landline, thinking that it may have gone between the sofa cushions as it usually does.

I felt weak and silly and stupid. I can laugh about it now. But last night…….


Has this happened to you?

1. You are on holiday, and busy taking pictures with your digital camera. You keep getting a flashing message – ‘Not enough memory’. And then the dilemma to decide which of the old photos to delete, especially when you are not sure if you have a back up at home!

2. You call the hotline of a service provider to resolve some problem. You press 0, 1, 3, 2, 5, 6 and then wait while ‘all the customer service assistants are busy’ and after nearly 25 minutes,  just when you hear the annoying music pause and the ‘oh-it’s- happened-at-last’ click of someone connecting, your mobile runs out of charge!

3. You go to the supermarket and come back with your trolley super-loaded with things that you need, and a lot of other things that you don’t and then realize that you’ve forgotten an important thing like dishwashing liquid or toothpaste!

4. Your child dislikes a particular dish and absolutely refuses to eat it at home. When you are invited to dinner at a friend’s place, and the friend has prepared the same dish, and your child wolfs down two portions and you wonder what just happened!

5. You are already running behind schedule. You miss the bus by 1 minute. You cab it and get stuck at every red signal. When you reach your workplace, all lifts are in floors above 15 and moving upwards!

6. You badly need a cup of coffee and think longingly about it as you rush through a chaotic morning. Finally, finally when you sit down to enjoy it, you get a call…and the coffee grows cold.

7. Your kitchen sink has clogged, the TV remote has disappeared, the kettle has stopped working, all of these happen on a single day and you wonder if there’s a conspiracy.

8. You have booked tickets to a much-anticipated movie and you miss the first 15 minutes – as you couldn’t find the house keys, and all along it was in your bag.

9. You had five pairs of lovely scissors till yesterday. This morning, you are not able to find a single pair!

10. You’re on a call and have to write something down. You walk with the cordless to get a paper and pen. You can’t find a plain sheet and use the newspaper. The pen you found runs out of ink after you write two words….

Has any of this happened to you? Would love to hear about them.