An up’lifting’ experience

Elevators or ‘lifts’ as they are called are a law unto themselves.

I am standing in the lift lobby. Two lifts service the building. Both lifts are on the highest floor (definitely a conspiracy).  It’s almost like there’s a hidden camera watching people who are running late, which then informs the lift to stay put for a while on the farthest floor possible!

I groan and pace, as I press the button to call these moving capsules.

One responds, and slowly makes its way down, floor by floor. It finally reaches my floor, and the doors open.


Fifteen faces stare back at me, as if to say, “Hey, why did you stop the lift.”


          Courtesy –

I smile foolishly; one woman nods, all the others stare at some point above my head, thinking of very important things!

The other lift is still stuck on the 16th floor.  I press the call button, but it doesn’t budge. I wait now for the working lift to come back up again. Phew! finally it arrives.

Now, I am the only person in the lift, the mirrors in the lift reflect and re-reflect my images. I turn, a hundred heads turn. Finally, I reach the ground floor.

On my way back in the afternoon, I am warmly received by both lifts on the ground floor. I smile. I stand next to the lift on the left side and press the button. I look at my phone, and look up. The doors remain closed. I look puzzled before I realize that the call was answered by the other lift. By the time I run to the other lift, it’s doors have closed and it has started moving upwards in response to a call from a higher floor.

I press the button again, and enter the other lift. Truly an uplifting experience.

Am I the only one, or do you all have crazy ‘lift’ experiences too?