Magic in the sky

One of the first few things kids are taught in kindergarten is about rainbows and their colours. I am sure every child has at some point coloured rainbow colouring sheets or drawn a smiling sun with a colourful rainbow!

It was just another day yesterday, a busy Friday, with the promise of the weekend looming. As birds flew back to their nests and people wound down at work to head home, there was an ‘oh so gentle’ drizzle, when I turned my face to the sky.

In a few minutes, traffic slowed down, people stopped in their tracks and children paused their games – to see two absolutely stunning rainbows across the sky. Wow…there was magic in the air. The excitement in my children’s voices was palpable.

Why this fascination with the rainbow? What is it that it does to us? 
For me a rainbow is a rare thing of great beauty, which appears when certain conditions are perfect, and combine to create this spectacle. Rainbows bring out the child in each of us, filling us with joy and hope.

Each time I look at a rainbow, I check for the VIBGYOR colours. Sometimes the colours are blended in, sometimes they are distinct and clearly visible.

I still remember seeing twin rainbows in the sky in the Maasai Mara, Kenya, as a herd of African Elephants walked slowly across the grassland, the calves seeking shelter under their moms.

Every rainbow is a moment, a moment of possibilies, childhood memories, colouring sheets and sheer magic.


The World in Colours

The bright red of a heart, the red bindi on a woman’s forehead, the red of a rose, the shining red of a car, the red of an apple, the spicy red of Indian mango pickle, the red of lanterns announcing the Chinese New Year, the red of a cherry atop an ice cream, the red that says stop, the red of a clown’s nose, the red that rings in Xmas.

The orange of the evening sun, the soothing orange of an apricot, the orange of a life jacket, the orange of autumn leaves, the orange of a carved jack o’ lantern, the blazing orange of a fire, the orange of fragrant saffron, the orange of fresh carrots, the orange garb of a monk, the orange of a cosmos flower, the orange that teases your taste buds.

The yellow of mustard, the yellow of a baby’s toy, the yellow of a road divider, the yellow of egg yolk, the beautiful yellow of the sunflower, the shining yellow of gold, the yellow of lemons, the yellow of a taxi, the yellow of turmeric, the creamy yellow of fresh butter, the yellow of wholesome bananas, the perfect yellow round of a smiley, the yellow of corn, the yellow of rays of sunlight streaming into the house.

The green of grass, the green of jade stone, the green of a crunchy capsicum, the green of a frog, the green of a traffic signal, the green of herbs, the green of an emerald, the green of a raw mango, the green of a curling fern, the green of the countryside, the green of malachite, the green of Christmas, the green of lotus leaves, the green of a parrot, the green of spring.

The blue of the ocean, the blue of Delft pottery, the blue of turquoise, the blue of a peacock’s feather, the blue of the sky, the deep blue of twilight, the blue of ink, the blue of mascara, the blue of a blue berry, the blue of a swimming pool, the blue of copper sulphate, the blue of a uniform, the blue of the bluebird, the rich blue of sapphire, the blue that is business-like & formal.

The violet of the star-studded night sky, the violet of a formal evening gown, the violet of an amethyst, the violet of aromatic lavender, the violet of coloured hair, the violet of lilac, the violet of beautiful eyes, the violet of chocolate wrappers.

The black of formality, the black of black holes, the black of a shadow, the black of a stallion, the black of beautiful tresses, the black of a crow, the black of blackberries, the black of an espresso, the black of a formal bag, the must have black dress, the black of coal, the black of a panther, the black lines of a pencil sketch.

The white of purity, the white of cotton-puff clouds, the white of freshly laundered linen, the white of a swan, the white of a hospital, the white of milk, the white of an empty page, the white of a snow-capped mountain, the white of foam, the white of a bride’s gown, the white of a marshmallow, the white of the Taj Mahal, the white of a polar bear, the white of peace.

The world is a rainbow of colours – each of them beautiful, each of them vibrant; some colours define who we are, some reflect our moods, some bring back memories, some inspire us!