The sibling justice system is an ancient one, with its own laws and by-laws, defying common, every day logic. It is a system like no other, which morphs itself often to suit sibling convenience.

These laws were in evidence in our home last week, as my kids had had a fight. And as I was to find out, over something so silly that I shook my head in disbelief. So, the silly fight simmered through our rooms, words clashed, apologies were demanded, none were given and multiple eruptions happened that evening.

And then there was an eerie silence, the siblings had descended into a cold war. They looked past each other, ignored each other and stopped talking to each other. My husband and I intervened, but the cold war froze us in our tracks. And as all wise parents know, we adopted the best course of action by letting them be.

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However, this cold war brought about some unexpected challenges. Both warring factions started referring to the other as ‘You know who’!

Though they did not talk to each other, they constantly sent messages to each other. Enter yours truly – Mom’s Messenger Service – MMS. All through the week, I patiently carried messages between the two warring factions – a neutral messenger, without passing any comment or judgement.

Finally, a couple of days ago, when I got home from the supermarket, I realized that both kids were in the kitchen, chattering as usual and discussing the merits of chocolate and ice-cream.

I smiled. Another sibling fight in history had just ended, till the next time. And as I put away the groceries, I remember all the fights and petty squabbles I had with my sisters over pencils, pens, food, pillows, books and over everything and nothing.

This sibling saga will continue and so will the MMS!