Every mom has a gallery

Every mom has an art gallery or a collection box. The walls of the gallery could be a refrigerator or steel cupboard, or a pin-up cork board. Then again, the collection box could be a humble plastic bag  or a small box, both of which have pride of place in her wardrobe or cupboard.

Every mom carefully preserves her own gallery and collection box. Why? Because they contain works of art and gifts from her children –  cards for her birthday, mom’s day cards, doodles and squiggles, thank you notes or stick figure drawings.  The collection boxes probably contain sea shells, pebbles from the road,  hand-made earrings, a paper rocket, a sweet poem, an old photo and many, many such wonderful things.


These are rare treasures indeed that bring back snapshots of the children’s growing up years, and the crazy passage of time.

Where did that child go, who drew stickman families, where did that girl go who hand-stitched clothes for her dolls, where did that boy go who played with trucks all the time…!

My collection box has pebbles, bracelets, earrings and many cards and drawings. My refrigerator overflows with drawings of animals and ‘mom I love you’ slips.


What about you? What’s in your mom gallery? Would love to know.

The inspiration for this post comes from a comment made by one of my blogging friends (dancingpalmtrees) on one of my blogs. Thank you so much for the inspiration).