Stolen pleasures

It is dinner time at home, and my husband and son are at the dinner table talking, laughing and eating.

I am sitting on the sofa, busy on my computer, my brows furrowed in concentration. I am skipping dinner tonight, as I overate this afternoon. My stomach still feels heavy, and I sigh as I continue to type away.

My husband is done with his dinner. It is now his favourite ‘dessert time’, and he brings back some jim-jam biscuits from the kitchen.

He settles down in the easy chair, and proceeds to devour them. I look at him; and then look at the jim-jams. My tongue, that traitor, waters. I turn my attention to my work. “No more disturbances”, I tell myself.

In just a few seconds, my husband comes over and shows me one of the jim-jam biscuits and exclaims, “Look at this biscuit, the raspberry jam is on the wrong side.”

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I say, “Oh, is it? Can I see it?” I turn the biscuit this way and that and pretend to examine it, as temptation battles with my guilt.

“Doesn’t matter really where the raspberry jam is, does it?” I say and quickly pop the biscuit into my mouth.

The yummy biscuit crumbles in my mouth, its flavour enhanced further by the delicious jam within. All the heaviness in my stomach vanishes. My guilt and resolve are nowhere to be seen.

My husband grumbles as he heads back to the kitchen to get another jim-jam. I smile and get back to work.


21 thoughts on “Stolen pleasures”

  1. Sweet story. So they have a cream filling and jam inside? My mom used to make refrigerator dough cookies, like a sugar cookie and she’d slice them, put a thumb print in the center and put jam there. Very yummy! Isn’t it interesting that there is always room for a treat, even when we’re too full for dinner 🙂

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    1. Oh yes, Katelon..there is always room for a treat even when one is splitting at the seams 🤣🤣. Yes, these jim jams sound exactly like the ones your mom.baked. what fun it kust have been right…and the smell of dough baking…that’s another treat. Do you bake a lot?


      1. There wasn’t a cream filling in them though, like your photo…just a slice of dough and jam in the middle. I liked to eat the dough raw, too 🙂

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      2. Sometimes the dough never makes it to baking. 🙂 We called those refrigerator cookies…as the dough was refrigerated and/or thumbprint cookies as you stuck your thumb in the middle of the cookie and put the jam there. There are probably more official names. Flour, butter, sugar….yum 🙂

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