Stay safe

If there was ever an uncertain time that the world has faced, it is now. With most people cooped up at home or practicing social distancing, everyday routines have taken on a new meaning and purpose.

Earlier today, I had called my mom for a video chat, to check how she’s coping with the lockdown. We meandered through each other’s day and caught up with family news.

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And just before we hung up, my mom said that with the extra time on her hands, she has made two new friends. One of them, she says, her eyes lighting up, is a small baby squirrel that visits her balcony twice a day. She says she talks to the squirrel as it flits about. She then shows her thumb and talks about a really tiny little bird that also seems to frequent her balcony. She marvels at creation. She talks about how magical it is. She waxes eloquent about the golden sun suspended on an early morning sky.

And then she says, “I am sure everything will be ok soon. Let’s pray.” I fully agree. While we cope and pray for those who are suffering, let us be grateful for all the simple, beautiful things that we have been given.

Stay safe, my dear friends.


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