The story of a hoodie

My daughter bought her first hoodie when she became a teen. Pure black with some silver lettering in the front. It met all her requirements – both from a comfort perspective and a ‘fashion/fitting-in’ perspective.

She was happy. We were happy!

However, little did we realize that the hoodie story had just begun.

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The hoodie almost became a second skin, irrespective of whether my daughter was wearing it or slinging it on her shoulders or dangling it from her backpack.

The hoodie has travelled widely, has swept dust off cupboards and has been unknowingly dragged along on the floor at times!

As a mom, I wait for opportunities to snatch the hoodie and throw it into the washing machine. Sigh!

I recently realized that with every sneaky wash the hoodie has transformed from a ‘smart, black hoodie of promise’ into a ‘faded, lifeless hoodie of indeterminate colour.’

Hmmm! When I broached this subject with my daughter, needless to say, I was met with high resistance and statements like – “It’s perfectly fine, what’s wrong with it?….don’t want to part with it”….and so on.

I looked at the possibility of hiding it or throwing it…, feeling as guilty as only moms who plan such acts of treason would know!

After a few days, I managed to convince my daughter (read ‘uphill task’) to buy a new hoodie.

We must have visited at least fifteen shops to find ‘the perfect hoodie’; up, down, right, left, into and out of trial rooms.

Finally, my daughter found one that she was happy with. She gave it a 4 out of 5, citing that the hood didn’t fall in place like her old one. However, she finally agreed for it to be bought, and has worn it a few times since then.

But the good old black hoodie has been washed, and hangs safely in my daughter’s cupboard, waiting to become a part of her life again! She is not ready to part with it; or with all the allied, wonderful memories that it evokes!


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