A Blue Watch and Penne Arrabiata…

My daughter has a blue, digital watch. She received the watch as a gift from her grandparents, when she was nine years old. My daughter fell in love with the watch the moment she set eyes on it, and wears it to this day!

The blue watch has been her constant companion all these years, and would probably qualify as a best-friend-of-sorts.

The colour has faded, the strap is worn in places, the glass has scratches, but my daughter will not hear of retiring this watch.

She is at an age when clothes and accessories are very much in her radar, but this watch, whose colour does not match any of her clothes (read – clothes which are in various shades of black or grey or silver), is on her wrist always.

Yesterday, my daughter suddenly announced that she would prepare dinner for all of us – Penne Arrabiata. This was her first attempt at cooking. She listed the ingredients, went to the supermarket, asked me for measuring cups and spoons, and was soon busy chopping tomatoes, crushing garlic, rolling basil leaves and chopping them artistically.

Courtesy – shutterstock

Olive oil was warmed in the wok, and soon the heavenly smell of ‘garlic frying’ was in the air. All of us waited patiently, as the aroma wafted and made our tongues water in anticipation.

Soon, she announced that dinner was ready. We rushed to the table. The pasta was served beautifully; with cheese drizzled on top. Fresh basil leaves completed the presentation, and we were ready to tuck-in.

Delicious. Yummy!!! We were in bliss, and heaped compliments on her. Her eyes twinkled in joy, and she acknowledged our praise.

Later, I watched her clearing up the kitchen, her blue watch still on her wrist, a permanent fixture!

And it hit me then! On one hand my daughter did not want to let go of her watch; a watch she’s had for so many years; on the other hand, she would soon be on her own, cooking her own meals and taking her own decisions.

As her mother, both these thoughts played in my head. Much as I wanted her to replace the old watch, a part of me wanted her to keep it, so that it could give her comfort and keep her childhood memories alive, when she leaves home to pursue her own dreams.


16 thoughts on “A Blue Watch and Penne Arrabiata…”

  1. It is good to read, that you have taught your daughter well, also about cooking, so she will be able to take care of herself, when she leaves your home one day, Nimi πŸ™‚
    I was happy for both of my kids, when they moved from home, that both of them were able to cook for themselves, because they had been cooking for years before and baked too.
    I just had one rule, if they wished to use the kitchen while younger and that was to leave the kitchen just as nice, as they found it.

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  2. Bless you Nimi I really FELT this story! I’m there with my two kids too. But then, on my shelf is a little carboard kaleidoscope which came free with a newspaper long before I was born and used to sit in my grandparents cupboard. When I would visit it would be brought out for me to play with. When my gran finally died decades later it was the first item of her belongings that I claimed for myself, and now it sits in MY cupboard -awaiting grandchildren! Part of the child in us NEVER leaves. We take it with us everywhere, just like the blue watch.

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