The first grey hair….

There are many milestones in life, which bring about significant change – going to full-day school, leaving home for university, getting your own car, getting married, having children and many more.

However, there are some milestones, which don’t impact or change one’s life dramatically, but are talked about quite a lot.

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A few months ago, one of my friends called me to say that she had found the first grey hair on her head. We talked about the momentous event, as I gave her the story of my first grey hair.

“Seeing the first grey hair” is when life pauses for a brief moment in time, and in that brief moment, we think deeply about what was, and where we have come. Just a grey hair, but we suddenly feel the weight of responsibility, a sense of time ticking away.

So also, when we turn forty, and realize that half our life is over. We vow to put the remaining years to good use, vow to keep fit, and do all those things that we’ve always wanted to do!

Sometimes, when the kids come back from school, and you suddenly realize that they seem to have grown overnight, and that they will be heading to University in a couple of years.

Life has this knack of throwing such moments at us; moments that stop us in our tracks and make us take stock of where we have reached, and the journey that brought us here.

These moments also make us more grateful, and more determined to take on what’s coming.

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12 Responses to The first grey hair….

  1. Dymoon says:

    LOL.. had a giggle, so true,… what till your hair turns from grey to white…now that is another milestone…wink

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  2. I noticed my first gray hair when I was about 19. Funny enough, when you start noticing grays so young, you don’t so much associate it with aging. Time does fly though!

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  3. Oh you sweet young thing. The real find will be when you’re looking for that last natural hair. Those are elusive when you reach a certain age which you have a long way to go towards. LOL

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  4. D K Powell says:

    Alas my first grey hair appeared WAY before my forties. Now, as I head towards the big five Zero I’m virually ALL grey…sigh….

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  5. Mukhamani says:

    My husband and I decided not to dye our hair πŸ™‚ it is such a relief and that sense of freedom of not having to worry about grey hairs πŸ™‚

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