Fragrant pit stops

Last week, I had to rush quite early in the day to the supermarket for some supplies. Except for a few stores, most still had their shutters down. Even the escalators were asleep.

As my feet thud thudded down the escalator steps, the mouth watering smells of fresh baking came wafting up to greet me.

I stopped to inhale. Divine. Heavenly. As I went past the bakery, the baker waved out through the glass wall. I waved back and walked with a sudden spring in my step.

This morning, as I sat enjoying my coffee, the breeze brought the smell of incense sticks to me. It felt so soothing.

There are so many wonderful smells that greet us, but we have become oblivious to them, tangled as we are in the web of our busy schedules.

However, let it not be said that we have become oblivious to all smells. We do grimace when we smell something bad. We are ready to flap our hands and wave those smells away.

But do we ever stop to enjoy the lovely fragrances and smells that surround us?

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The smell of freshly brewed coffee, the way the ground smells after the first drops of rain, the smell of freshly washed and sun-dried linen, the heavenly smells of spices blending as you walk past a neighbour’s home during dinner time (and when you try to guess what they are cooking), the smell of fresh grass, the smell of the breeze, the sudden joy of smelling a frangipani flower when you walk in the tropics, the smell of a baby, the smells of home…so many wonderful smells.

I vow to myself that I will try to stop and enjoy these simple pleasures more often.


13 thoughts on “Fragrant pit stops”

  1. I love smells. When I walk I often stop to smell fragrant blossoms.
    A friend once asked me what my favorite smell was from childhood. That was in 1978. It’s been one of my favorite questions to ask people eversince. I even used it regularly as an icebreaker in my corporate stress release workshops I led. Scientists have shown that smells is our most powerful sense and remembering a smell relaxes us as it takes us back to a special time, a time that was filled with happy memories, triggering more fond memories.

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    1. Wow..what fun. Those long nighters seem so far away now…but I can imagine coming home at that time and realizing that another day has started at the bakery with those yummy smella


  2. I definitely Agree! Probably why I recently became a distributor for the innovative new device called the Airmoji. This device is able to disperse fragrance pods and essential oil pods without using any water, wax, oil or using a heat source! The battery is rechargeable and it is Bluetooth compatible so it can be set according to my schedule! Almost all fragrances take me back to a good memory!! Check out my blog mojilife in Montgomery and my webpage:

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