Vanity confusion

Which woman can resist a sale? I cannot, especially if there’s a sale on for bags or perfumes.

A couple of months back, I visited one of those huge malls, where I was merely supposed to go in, pick up a gift and head straight home. If only things were that simple!  My shopping neurons hijacked my thinking. I moved in circles and straight lines, walking in and out of shops.

Just as I was leaving, after nearly ninety minutes of meandering, with my hawk-eyes not having missed a thing, I chanced upon a sale for perfumes. 

Testing the various fragrances and inhaling the smell of coffee beans in turns, I was sweet-talked into buying a newly launched perfume. Not only did the perfume smell divine, it came with so many freebies, all of which I was very happy to receive.

I felt this huge sense of achievement, as I told my conscience that it was a great deal, freebies and all. So, the said freebies were a few bottles of miniature perfumes, shower gel, hand moisturizer, umbrellas, note books and many others.

Cut to yesterday, when I had to attend a concert. I was running late, and because my skin dries up quite fast in air-conditioned environs, I hurriedly opened the freebies packet and stuffed whatever I needed into my handbag.

Midway through the concert, my hands felt dry, so I took out the tube of moisturizer and applied it on my hands. What a heavenly smell wafted. I felt really good.

Picture courtesy – Clipart Panda

After a few minutes, I felt that the skin on my hands was feeling rather stretched and not how it should have  felt after moisturizing.  I let it pass, putting it down to ‘skin needs to adapt to the new product syndrome’.

After the event, when we got home and I went to wash my hands before dinner, a strange thing happened. The moment my hands touched water, frothy bubbles formed on my hands. I was shocked, wondering if I had become allergic to the new cream.

Later that evening, when I cleared my bag, I realized that instead of the moisturizer, I had carried the tube of shower gel with me, which I had then applied generously.


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14 Responses to Vanity confusion

  1. Shivangi says:

    Hilarious incident Nimi… nice read

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  2. Ha, ha! I once applied conditioner instead of moisturizer!

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  3. katelon says:

    I’ve done similar things! That is a lot of freebies. I’m very reactive to perfumes and even avoid their counters in stores. But worn lightly by others some of them do have wonderful smells. If I use any scent, I but aromatherapy oils and use them lightly.

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  4. candidkay says:

    Lol. Sounds like something I would do! I find myself overwhelmed in large stores and malls now because I rarely go into them. I’ve become re-sensitized, so to speak.

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  5. LOL, I’ve done that exact same thing! Bravo. I think every woman has done it-just means we got too much ‘stuff’ going on at the moment. πŸ™‚

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  6. omg I thought I was the only one who has done this! oh those teeny tiny samples can get really confusing especially if you’re in a hurry πŸ˜€

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