I keep reading blogs that talk about Spring; and am reminded of the animated movie Bambi, where all the animals in the jungle celebrate Spring by breaking into a song-dance routine. Spring – when flowers bloom, when butterflies flutter, and when there is green everywhere!

Sigh! I can only read or watch movies about Spring. Living in the tropics as I do, the word ‘seasons’ is only useful when teaching my kids about seasonal changes in other parts of the world.

Where we live we have only three ‘seasons’ – warm, very warm and unbearably warm.

Our bodies are conditioned to easily handle temperatures of 33 deg and above.  We are used to thunderstorms and rainfall almost every day.

I am a Tropizen – a citizen of the tropics. Why am I saying this? This is because, like any other group of people, Tropizens exhibit certain behaviour patterns.

Take for example our handling of cold weather. Tropizens grow brrrrrrr…if the aircon temperature is set at anything below 24 deg. We feel cold in airports.

Imagine this – our family of Tropizens went on a trip to New Zealand a few years ago. It was in December, which is summer time in New Zealand. The internet told us that the temperature would be between 18 to 20 degrees during the day and around 12 deg at night. Rattlleeeee….!

For a Tropizen, that is winter..Brrrrr. We stocked up on caps, scarves, mufflers, gloves and thermals.

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When we landed in Christchurch after our long flight, the fresh air seemed invigorating, initially. However, in a few hours we were wrapped up in our wollens.

As it was our first day, we decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood. The locals were enjoying their summer in cotton clothes, and were probably shocked to see eight people walking down the road, covered from head to toe in warm clothes.  They must have wondered if we were headed to some camp in the Antarctic.

Most restaurants had their tables set outside. People enjoyed tall glasses of drinks, with ice cubes tinkling in them. The thought of ice cubes made us chatter. We wanted hot coffee!

We were probably the only few people who asked to be seated indoors.

But at home, in the tropics,  we can survive the heat and humidity without batting an eyelid. We can guzzle big buckets of cold juice…with clinking ice cubes! We can take on lightning and thunderstorms, and anything else.

For us, comfort starts at 33 deg!


16 thoughts on “Tropizens ”

  1. Oh Nimi, this is so fun 🙂
    After I moved to Spain, I have learned to appreciate the warm weather too. When it is down 22 degrees, I use a jacket, when I go out. The turists are walking in T-shirt and shorts in same time 🙂
    I prefer temperatures between 25-30 C. now. This is my new way. In Denmark you can be lucky to get few months with more than 20-25 C. per year.

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  2. Even though I grew up in So. AZ, I am not fond of the heat, and don’t like humidity. I would struggle in your climate. I lived in the Seattle, WA area for quite awhile and there, if it got up to 60 degrees F, people were throwing on their sandals and shorts. In So. AZ, at 60, people would have wool clothes on 🙂

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  3. Yesterday in New York the weather was in the 60s and I was able to go outside and enjoy the warmth. Today it is in the 30s and snowing!! Truly New York City weather is bi-polar!! Must be Global Warming!! 🙂 😀

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