The sounds of home

A home is filled with love, laughter, petty squabbles, music and home-cooked food; a home is also filled with the sounds of various appliances that support us and make our lives easier. 

People usually tell us to stop and listen to the sounds of nature. But I tell you, if you stop and listen carefully, you will hear the ‘sounds’ of your home – the spinning of the washing machine, the wind flapping the curtains, the kettle boiling and lots more.

And most women I know have this uncanny ability of knowing when something is not quite right with these sounds. A discordant note here, a flicker there, a creak here or a rattle there. 

We just know.

And sometimes, many such devices at home gang up and create a cacophony at the same time.

This week was one such for me. It all started when our washing machine seemed to have decided that it wanted to run from its place in the service area – it rattled and groaned and thrashed about with a high-pitched creaking sound. Adding to this were the washing basin that went on strike by clogging itself, a faulty electric connection in the study room and a drip in one of the pipes.

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So it’s been a long week. Only one problem has been fixed. The others will happen this week hopefully.
After which, the sounds in my home will be harmonious once again.

Has this happened to you?


15 thoughts on “The sounds of home”

  1. Good grief! I can really sympathize with you. I’ve had a whole year of similar issues and I’d like to believe I’m at the end of them for a while.
    I know what you mean though about the sounds of a home … and my car. I can detect the subtle change in sound when something isn’t quite *right*. Although in the case of my washing machine, it was the smoke that was the true indicator. Not a good sign.

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  2. We’re actually having ongoing electrical problems where the electricity is surging. Our landlord is too cheap to call an electrician so he’s been in every day trying to fix it but finally, last night, the electricity went out in half the bedroom waking me up, since the fan was starting and stopping. He says he’s getting the electrician in today so hopefully this will all be over! At least it’s ultimately his problem and not mine!! Ah, the wonders of modern technology! I’m sure they have changed the way a home sounds over the years!

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  3. I love modern conveniences but don’t like the noise. I don’t use a blow dryer and am glad to avoid that noise. I do use a blender or nutri bullet for smoothies and I just cringe while it is going 🙂

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  4. Oh yes, many times, but I am so so much older than you dear 🙂 Also, every single gadget and appliance usually packs up when the house has been locked as we go for a vacation or a long visit. It is as if they have missed us and want to show their disapproval of being left behind without company or work 😀

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  5. Yes, on the 4th morning we were getting ready to go for a wedding when I smelt gas leaking from the cylinder !! Switched it off and and used the induction cooker to make coffee. Evening I gave the complaint and fortunately people from the agency came immediately, changed the tube and we were relieved :))

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