The good old newspaper

Every morning, at around 5.30 am, the newspaper man drops the newspaper at our doorstep, with a gentle thud.

In this age of ‘digital everything’, many people I know have stopped buying newspapers. They prefer news apps on their phones. Even I have these apps on my phone, which I use, to keep updated.

However, there is nothing to beat the joy of reading the newspaper.

Mornings are generally so crazy that I only have time to skim through  the headlines, before I rush back to my chores.

My husband then claims the paper and reads it. 

Finally, when the kids and my husband leave, I sit down with a cup of coffee, on my easychair, to read the newspaper.

There is so much joy in reading the news on print – the editorial, world affairs, sport, entertainment and so much more.

Courtesy –
The rustle of paper, the smell, the articles, the advertisements – all contribute to the experience. 
There is comfort in ‘not’ knowing the number of ‘likes’ or ‘shares’ or ‘comments’ for every article.  The layout is so beautiful that one can see so much in a single glance, and read or skip at will!

Solving puzzles like sudoku and kakuro or the crossword is yet another experience! Sitting down with a pen, lost in thought, calculating or thinking about a word or number, and sipping strong filter coffee to stimulate the thought process.

Then again, reading the everyday cartoon strip, and smiling, as you realize how cleverly the cartoonist has captured life and our everyday struggles.

After the paper is read, I carefully fold it and put it on the newspaper rack. It has given us all it had. It languishes at home for a month, along with other papers, before it moves on to be recycled.

Do you enjoy reading the newspaper?

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14 Responses to The good old newspaper

  1. I love the idea of the newspaper, especially over the internet. Unfortunately, I’ve never had that much of an interest in politics and current events…even though I know I should. I actually get more news than ever by looking at social media.

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  2. Yes, I do enjoy to read a newspaper Nimi, just I can get one in a language, as I understand well. My Spanish isn’t good enough for reading newspaper.
    It is relaxing to read in this way and do all in our own way.

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  3. I used to – but ours have become more like tabloids, with little in depth news and a lot of scandal.

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  4. notewords says:

    Oh yes. The adverts are so much easier to ignore… 😉

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  5. Shivangi says:

    I used to love the ritual of reading newspaper… In the US, we have stopped buying but I have subscribed to a lot of magazines 🙂 lovely post!

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  6. Yes, I love reading the newspaper every day!

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  7. Couldn’t agree more. Holding a paper in one’s hands, pulling out section after section…the best!

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  8. Sunith says:

    A newspaper while in India goes through my eyes just as a sugarcane through a juice crusher. A few times atleast till the news get mixed with the salivary juices and get digested 🙂

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