Wardrobe Woes of an Indian Woman

One of the biggest challenges of being an Indian woman is the lack of wardrobe space. I know that women from around the world have this problem, however the wardrobe woes of an Indian woman are compounded by the fact that we are spoilt for choice in terms of the sheer variety of clothes we get to wear – from sarees, ghagra cholis, anarkalis, salwar kameezes, churidhars and skirts, to Western wear!

Add to this equation the simple fact that there are hundreds of types of stunning sarees from different parts of the country to choose from; sarees that are vibrant and rich in their texture, material, designs and hues. These sarees are ‘must haves’ to ring in the hundreds of festivals we celebrate.  Throw in accessories and all the other types of clothes – both Indian and Western, and you can begin to understand our problem.

So, this morning my dear husband calls me to express his annoyance about how he has very little space for his ‘few’ (he stresses this for effect) striped, checked and plain shirts in various shades of grey, blue, white and ‘pale’. There are a few splashes of colour from his T shirts that offer some visual relief.

I go over to inspect. I try to look sympathetic but fail miserably. Instead, I feel guilty. I have encroached into two racks in his wardrobe, my ‘better’ bags and clutches rest there in comfort, while a few new sarees nestle in the other rack. I honestly tried to fit them into my wardrobe, but the sarees kept falling out!

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He rolls his eyes in exasperation. Wardrobe space is like prime real estate! But how else can I organize my wardrobe with all the clothes and accessories? “Some kind of encroachment is inevitable”, I justify.

 These things do get aggravated when I go shopping during the holiday season. My hubby looks firm. My mind wants to offer to remove some of my stuff, but my heart worries about where I can find space.

He says, “You should start purging the old stuff.”

But that’s the point. Sarees, especially the silks, get better with time. I do not reply.

He is in a hurry. He says, “Do something about this.”

I nod meekly. My wardrobe woes continue.

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27 Responses to Wardrobe Woes of an Indian Woman

  1. Oh yes, my wardrobe looks something like a hurricane hit it with constant danger of an avalanche and this is all just do to my obsessive thrift shopping…not even because I have so many pieces of necessary clothing. I have the big closet and then part of the hallway one and still have a couple of things in my husbands…not to mention a couple of dresser drawers. There are some things I’m sick of wearing but too sentimentally attached to throw out!

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  2. Just before I got married a friend gave me some valuable marriage advice: Go to your wardrobe, take a good long look, and say good bye to all the space you have.

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  3. Dymoon says:

    my husband has his own space, on another floor of the house, and I do not go there. We discussed this subject, he agreed, I get the bedroom closet *there is only one, and he would tak over the other room.. it his man cave,den whatever… and in this way.. there is no problem.. I understand your problem… however, I see his too

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  4. It is a universal woe of men and women alike all over the world. Neither of us have enough space for our ‘stuff.’ I’m sure caves were crowded back in the day as well. πŸ™‚

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  5. katelon says:

    There are pieces of furniture you can buy that have doors on the top and could handle a rod, and usually have drawers in the bottom. Do you have room for one of those in your room? You can also buy portable closets that have a rod, sometimes a shelf on top of the rod and at the bottom and it stands on bases. Obviously it doesn’t have doors that close it in though.

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  6. kimboxin says:

    Truly a universal issue! I have to admit I chuckled when you said “Western wear” because in America, that translates to cowboy hats, boots and giant belt buckles. The image of you dressed as a cowgirl made me crack up!

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  7. Totally agree πŸ™‚

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  8. Thank you for this post! I enjoyed reading it and it gave me a chuckle, because I just (kind of) took over half of his dresser top today and he hasn’t seen it yet.

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  9. vaish963 says:

    Totally relatable.. πŸ˜€

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  10. Chaithra Mailankody says:

    Can totally relate to you! There is this additional confusion in organising different categories of clothes and picking them up when required !

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  11. hahaha. I enjoyed reading this post so much πŸ™‚ Something I had to through everyday too. Fed up, husband got me a new wardrobe. πŸ˜€

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  12. I read this post and started seeing my wife. Oh what similarities you women folk have OMG!

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