What should I write about?

It has been a crazy month, so crazy that I couldn’t post much. Between my various projects and chores, blog ideas flowed and short story plots craved for attention. But I couldn’t give any of them expression. Things are still quite crazy here, but I had some time today, and decided that I would blog come what may!

So then, as I recline on my couch, I wonder what I should write about. It is a lazy Saturday afternoon. The kids are out, my husband is out. I look out from the balcony and start wondering…

Should I write about this beautiful orange flower or the way it contrasts with the deep brown of the soil, should I write about the cornflower blue sky or the merry cotton clouds, should I write about the chirping birds or about the cooing pigeons, should I write about the silence at home without the kids or the energy that will flow through the house when they are back, should I write about seeing the joy on the face of Michael Phelps as he won his fourth gold medal at the Rio Olympics or about how Olympic viewers jump and wave when they know the camera is on them! What should I write about?
Should I write about the aroma of fresh coffee from my coffee filter or about how lazy I feel to walk to the kitchen, should I write about the books I am reading these days or the absolute lack of time to read them at the pace that I want, should I write about the busy ants scurrying about my balcony or about the moth that has not budged from its place on the balcony wall for more than an hour. What should I write about?

Should I write about the busy traffic intersection where everything seems to be in a rush, or about the man in the park below who is just recuperating from surgery, should I write about the freshly washed linen fluttering in my neighbour’s house or about the wind swishing through the trees. What should I write about?

As I sit and mull over all this, I realize that life is happening all around me -little insects, flowers, birds, trees, people, vehicles – everybody is busy.

Life goes on….

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14 Responses to What should I write about?

  1. Ha, ha ! Life is what happens when you’re making other plans.

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  2. kimboxin says:

    I 💜 You, Nimi. Your take on life is always refreshing.


  3. agenda19892010 says:

    i like very much the type of light green of the leaves … and the orange is good too … have a nice sunday … ciao by rinaldo

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  4. Amber MV says:

    Blog come what may! Oh yes. I’m enjoying Natalie Goldberg’s book “Writing Down the Bones”; in it she implores us to write wildly and uninhibited from the heart, and don’t let the pen or keyboard stop ’til those ten minutes are up. It’s amazing what comes out of a writer, sometimes all the quality content the logical mind couldn’t produce. The whole of life is ripe for inspiration, just waiting for us to engage with it in our writing.

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  5. Nimi life goes like this only as you said.
    I used to think long ago, how would life be when we die so many other such crazy feelings come to thought. Hehehe

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