Twinkling dot

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It is that hour when your day has wound down and trickled to that place where tomorrow’s thoughts have not yet encroached; the hour when your body stretches out on the bed in anticipation of ‘beautiful’ sleep – that particular time when you are in harmony with both yourself and the world.

I am in that state now, and as a gentle breeze comes in through the window, I stare at the night sky from my bed. The sky is a deep, deep purple.

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As I watch, and think of nothing in particular, a star twinkles at me. But very quickly I realize that it is not a star but an airplane making its twinkling journey across the sky.

My thoughts take me into the flight – many people settling down for a nap, or flight owls who can’t sleep, some so engrossed in the movies they are watching, the stewardesses going about their duties.

Lying here as I am, I find it difficult to comprehend that this twinkling, moving star is carrying human lives to some far-off place where loved ones wait in eager anticipation. There is so much happening, so far away.

I am awed at the marvels of Science, about how people can fly. I  am equally awed by the spectacle of the beautiful night sky. Both the ‘known’ and the ‘unknown’ amaze me.

Very soon the tiny twinkle moves away from my line of sight, and the night whispers. My eyes close involuntarily into a world of peace and quiet.