The phone alarm rings. One of those mechanical sounds that are meant to goad you into action. I turn lazily, and open my eyes gradually to adjust to the bright light of day.

The first thing I do is check my phone for messages, emails and the other notifications that I have enabled.

I wake up with a jolt. There are no red circled numbers near my message or Whatsapp icons, not even near the email icon.

Something must be wrong, I check the WiFi icon, the curved tree is in full bloom. Then why have I not got any messages? I am almost tempted to shake my phone, but reboot instead.  Even after the phone comes alive again, there are no messages.  Nothing has changed!

      Courtesy – http://www.dreamstime.com

I ask my husband to send me a test message. It arrives immediately. I am still suspicious, how could I have not received even a single message or email? That’s like a ‘first’.

The statistical probability  of this event baffles me..! I check the Internet, everything is ok.

I accept. I give in. The impossible has happened. It is possible…I smile, I go on with my day.  But believe me I feel strange!

Have you had any such experiences? Would love to know.

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15 Responses to e-Stranged!

  1. I don’t have many friends so mornings like that are fairly commonplace to me.

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  2. barnraised says:

    Isn’t it kind of relaxing though? 😊

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  3. Hmmm, happens all the time, and then I do the same, ask my husband to send me a message, and he laughs so much 😐

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  4. Mayur says:

    No. But soon my message will have received your inbox.

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  5. Sash says:

    I just avoid taking a look at my phone till am done with my morning prayers/ meditation etc. It’s a big distraction otherwise.

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  6. I think we all do. But I have to say I LOVE that description: “curved tree is in full bloom.” Completely descriptive of the status we all anticipate bringing us notifications. ღ

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  7. mukhamani says:

    I switch on the wifi only when I want to :)) and it is usually after I finish my work, then theyre are some messages:).

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