Signature Story

Recently I had to sign a set of documents.  The documents required my signature in more than 40 places. Phew..

I signed the first few with a flourish, then the brain switched to automaton mode, after which, when the brain grew tired, I was unsure about my signature anymore. There was a disconnect. I had to stop and give myself a break. I was tired of signing repeatedly.

Rewind back to when I was around fifteen. On the last page of my school rough notebook were hundreds of signatures I would try out. Which signature would capture my true personality? The effort went on till I was in University and had to open my first bank account. There it took form and shape.

Courtesy –

This little bit of art would be exclusively mine, my passport to identification. The little squiggle would allow me access to my money! 

I have seen people whose signatures are like art, some who merely print their names, some who write one alphabet and then draw what seems like a heavily spiked graph.

I remember my dad’s friend whose signature looked like a duck – so creative. 

Though it’s not so much fun anymore, it was a lot of fun at one point.

Do you have a ‘signature story’? Would love to know.