This is not me

My son came to me yesterday, askingΒ  for a passport-size photo of his, for his class soft-board.

I took out the pouch, where all our passport size photos are usually kept. I pulled out one and gave it to my son.

Out of idle curiosity, I browsed through the photos, and my face fell. Why do passport photos make me look so ugly?

In each one of those photos, I look consistently bad. The photos are taken too close for comfort and the caricatured features are so prominent.

In some photos, my face seems to have been enlarged and then shrunk into a frame, making it look like my face is spilling out of the photo’s borders.

Since you are not expected to smile for passport photos, and if your smile is your only redeeming feature, then you have a real problem.

From photo to photo, over the years, I seem to have stared into the cameras, blank and listless.

“Are these me?” I ask myself. I look so serious and lifeless. Looking at these photos, people would put me down as outright boring. But maybe this grave look is needed to prove one’s true identity when travelling.


Courtesy –

I close the pouch with a gentle shudder. I am not those photos. I am not.

Do you feel the same way?


25 thoughts on “This is not me”

  1. I’m well past the stage of having to look at pictures like that or have them taken I’m very glad to say.Photographs are rarely kind to me as reflected by my attraction to women (not) throughout my life until I met my wife who didn’t seem to mind.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx.

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  2. Passport photos are notoriously awful. Whenever I travel and the TSA agent examines it closely, I always quip, “I’m so much better looking in person, aren’t I?” They almost always smile and let me go on my way quickly. At least it’s a better way to think of oneself, right? πŸ˜‰

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  3. I feel that way about most photos of me…drivers license, passport or just other photos. So many people I know are into taking selfies of themselves. I look in the mirror and am comfortable with my face but when I have attempted to take my picture I shudder… looks nothing like what I see in the mirror.

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  4. πŸ™‚ I hate my passport photos too. The photos look like mug shots and the ones clicking them make you feel like you are in prison. UGH!

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  5. Ha ha – “Spilling out of photo’s borders ” me too used to feel the same . Yes, these photos are too formal . Your smile is priceless Nims , keep it up . 😊 Enjoyed reading each line.

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  6. …thank you for your gracious comments, and visiting my postings! Your entry today is probably universally true–my driver’s license photo is nothing more than a mug shot. At least with passport photos we can choose the photographer, and have a do-over if not satisfied (for an additional fee, that is) but then the pose and restrictions ensure no satisfaction, regardless, yes?

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