Pain in the neck

I was on a cleaning spree last week. I dusted, lifted, cleared, evaluated and purged. It was going well.

I lifted a carton to move it to a new place, and felt a sudden painful twinge at the back of my neck. I put the carton down and realized that my neck had a sprain. Hmmm..


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And then for the rest of the week, I realized, painfully,  how many times my schedule required me to bend, peer, turn and look up; and that almost everything took extra effort just so that I could protect my neck from issuing sharp and painful alerts. Even reading was painful.

One small twinge, and even everyday tasks had become laborious and difficult.

As with such pains, my body righted itself quite soon, and now I can shake my head, dance and party. I can read, without having to massage my neck frequently. I can!

Just realized that we take so many things for granted.

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18 Responses to Pain in the neck

  1. Oh yes, for sure. Glad you are feeling better and that it wasn’t anything more serious.

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  2. Ritu says:

    Ouch indeed! Hope it feels better soon!

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  3. davidprosser says:

    As I found out myself a couple of weeks ago Nimi when something as simple as picking a tee-shirt off the floor caused my back to go.Also OUCH. I’m glad to hear that like me you’re back to normal. I’ll take things less for granted in future.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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  4. katelon says:

    Glad you’re feeling better.

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  5. Yes, Nimi, yes we do. ☺ Be careful.

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  6. Dymoon says:

    it is a pain isn’t it, to relearn a lesson, just because… =^_^= gladyou worked the kink out!!

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  7. Sending healing, Dear Nimi.
    Take it easy

    and i’ll go easy with the hugs!



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  8. That happens to me on no doubt a more frequent basis, you sweet young thing. Age and pain associated with it is definitely not for sissies. ღ

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  9. Sounds painful, and I am happy that you have recovered.

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