Mom’s cooking

Indian cooking is elaborate. Every dish requires time to perfect. Most dishes involve multiple processes such as wet grinding, pounding, roasting, seasoning etc.

We Indians celebrate many, many festivals each year, and the high point of these celebrations is the food. Every festival has specific dishes to celebrate it.

Most Indian women, atleast the one’s from my mom’s generation, are walking recipe books.


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My cooking skills took shape only after marriage, and rather than consult any recipe book, I would just pick up the phone to call my mom.Β  Our conversations went something like this.

Me: Hi Amma

Mom: Hi…How are you?

Me: All good. Can you tell me the recipe for this sweet dish (some name)?

Mom: Sure…it’s very simple. It is 1:1:2.

Me: Wait..what’s 1:1:2

Mom: It’s the ratio of the ingredients.

Me: Mom, can we start with the ingredients?

Mom: Aha…of course…

And she gave me the recipe, baby step by baby step.

Over the years, I have become quite an accomplished cook, and know all my ratios.

But I am still trying to achieve that finesse in my dishes, which my mom seemed to achieve with ease; and that perfect aroma when all the ingredients have blended just right.Β 

Even yesterday, I called my mom to ask for her Vegetable Biriyani recipe. Just listening to the recipe brought back memories of cousins and happy Sundays, uncles and aunts and afternoons of play.

I could remember the smell of my mom’s Biriyani wafting through the house – chillies and ginger and mint and garlic and coriander and onions….and cloves and cinnamon and bay leaves…and many more lovely ingredients.

Mom’s cooking…always the best!


17 thoughts on “Mom’s cooking”

  1. When I was growing up my grandmother, great aunts and various other relatives lived close by. I remember their cooking and the preparations for meals. The occasion didn’t have to be a holiday or anything special. The same care for each meal was given. I don’t think they considered their cooking a particular skill. It was just what they did. πŸ™‚ We have so many conveniences today and don’t have to spend so much time to fix a big meal. It is hard to duplicate the love from an old fashioned kitchen.
    The pictured dish looks delicious!!


  2. I teach sixth grade Math. One large area of focus for the standards students must know is ratios. Thinking of a recipe as the ratio of ingredients makes me think….fun project ideas could come from this! Thank you for sharing.

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    1. This is amazing…what a lovely lesson it would be for the kids to learn about ratios in such a fun way. Btw…I love Math..and felt so happy to see your comment


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