Simple lines

My sister loves to sketch. In fact, she sketches whenever she can. She always has a sketchbook about her person, and a satchel that holds sketching essentials.

No wonder then that her son, my adorable three-year old nephew, wants to sketch too. So, on most evenings, my sister and my nephew try their hand at sketching.

It is fun to watch the concentration on my nephew’s face as he tries to capture the theme.

Last week, when the duo sat down to sketch, it was decided that the day’s theme would be a giraffe.

With furrowed brows and deep concentration, both of them got down to work.

In just a few minutes, my nephew was ready with his giraffe and ran to show his mother. 

He then asked her, “Mom, what’s taking you so long?  It is only a giraffe. See my drawing.”

And this is what he drew, a three year old’s sketch of a giraffe. So beautiful and simple, capturing the essence of the giraffe.


When my sister sent me the sketch, I was amazed.

The sketch got me thinking –  a child lives life simply, observes simple things and expresses himself without any effort.

As we grow, our view of the world gets complicated and we get so caught-up in it that we lose our view of simplicity.


15 thoughts on “Simple lines”

  1. Lovely. What a wonderful sketch. When I was a little girl my Dad encouraged me to sketch and draw also. Dad was an amateur artist and photographer. Most of my drawings were doodles but my parents envisioned my artistic endeavors eventually buying me all sorts of sketch pads, charcoal pencils, crayolas, paints and even an artists desk. Well I did not wind up becoming an artist but I do work at a museum and I often see the visitors along with their children sketching. The museum also has art programs for kids of all ages. Children are so naturally creative and inventive. My Mom was so proud of even my simplest of drawings which proudly hung on our refrigerator.

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    1. Totally loved reading your comment. Thank you so much for sharing. Parents are the ones who always believe in us. They nurture even the smallest spark in us, fan these and wait to see if they burst into a glorious talent. They keep believing and trusting in us every single time. Yes, the refrigerator….every mom’s own art gallery…you have given me an idea for a post here😆😆


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