Fast food future…

It was a dehydrating Sunday, as we spent most of the morning outdoors. It was extremely hot and humid, and we got back home limp and drained.

With no energy to rustle-up even a basic meal, we opted to order-in.

It was a welcome change, and we sat around munching away, as our drained batteries slowly came back to life.

As we ate, I remembered something funny that happened a couple of years ago, when my mom visited us.

While my mom was with us, one evening, we ordered-in food for dinner.  My mom was amazed at how fast the food delivery happened, and how efficiently the food was packaged.

As we enjoyed our meal, my mom remarked about how times had changed with fast food culture.

She watched the ease with which one could order food from the smartphone. When the delivery boy brought the food, he also requested us to fill-in a small survey questionnaire on customer satisfaction and food preferences. All this happened on his smartphone!

My mom then said, “How times have changed. There were times when we would eat out, maybe once a month, and ordered-in only rarely.  The world is so busy now that people prefer to order-in food most of the time. Maybe in future, when my grandchildren grow up and  order-in food, there may be an option on the order form which asks –

Do you want to be fed – Yes or No?

And if one clicked yes, the delivery boy would not only deliver the food but also feed the customer, while the customer would continue his/her work without interruption.”

I remembered this and laughed out aloud. When my kids asked me why, I recounted this incident.

In my heart, I prayed that the children would grow up in a world that would not get so crazily busy that they would forget simple joys like eating food, and spending time with family.


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What do you think? Are we headed there?

18 thoughts on “Fast food future…”

  1. So interesting. It really depends on where you live. I am in an area with terrible delivery, and standard nutrition-less fast food franchises. So I cook, all the time. My daughter lives/works in New York City, and can get the best stuff delivered anytime of day or night…It’s an option that doesn’t exist in suburban/rural areas. ☺

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  2. We are definitely headed in that general direction. I report on robotics from time to time and they’re already perfecting caretaker robots for the elderly. You know, when parents get too old, people will be able to buy them a helper robot that will do everything for them. Kind of scares me to think we’re that close to totally giving up our humanity.

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