Unexpected visitor

The afternoon heat is stifling. All the fans are churning out hot air, in varying degrees of aggravation. The aircon is  lifeless. The leaves are still, glistening in the sun. The few pigeons that are sitting on the ledges of the building seem worn out by the heat and seem too tired to move. They sit patiently, their wait punctuated only by the occasional flapping of their wings.

I decide to open the balcony door fully, not sure if it will help in any way. I look at the sky. A perfect, blue sky with cotton-puff clouds looks back at me.

I stand on the balcony, staring at everything and nothing.

I look at my plants. They need more water. And as I look at my hibiscus plant, I see a bud that is just about to bloom. I can see just a hint of red peeping out of green. Maybe another two days. I smile. My smile widens as I see that we have a surprise visitor.

A beautiful dragonfly is visiting our hibiscus plant – elegantly poised on the thin branch, perfectly balanced, the gossamer-like wings glinting in the afternoon sun. He is oblivious to my presence, and is busy taking a breather.

The faintest breeze causes the dragonfly’s wings to flutter just a tiny bit.

I stand completely awed. Such detailing and such perfection in this small creature. He is obviously there for a reason, known only to himself.  Nothing seems to disturb his tranquility. He sits there for a long time.

I go inside to get a drink, he has still not moved an inch. Looks like he is in deep meditation.

I move closer and take a few pictures.  My chores beckon, and I go indoors, forgetting the hot sun and only remembering those glistening wings.

When I come back after sometime, my visitor is gone. Sharing some pictures that I took…





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12 Responses to Unexpected visitor

  1. katelon says:

    Pretty pictures!

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  2. lola gayle says:

    Great photos, and I love the way you told this story. Nature sometimes leaves us at a loss for words. But you did it perfect justice.

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  3. What an awesome creature and how nice of him to stick around and let you take a few pictures.

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  4. Fabulous closeup! Well done. ღ

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  5. kimboxin says:

    You’re so aware of the ‘little things’, and your reflections always cause me to take a breath and ponder everyday beauty. Thanks for that. 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Sastha says:

    Lovely pictures, Nimmi! They can meditate for days together! 🙂

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