These things do happen!

My two friends and I were trying to hail a cab to get back home. We had been out the whole afternoon, and were quite tired.

Most cars had a ‘Hired’ or a ‘Busy’ sign, and we were quite irritated. We tried calling for a cab, but to no avail.


          Courtesy –

Finally, after 15 minutes, we saw one, and luckily for us, the cab slowed down, and dropped off a couple of people on the same road.

Yay! I got in at the front, and my friends got in at the back.

We gave the cabbie directions, and just as he started the car, there came a continuous beeping sound.

The cabbie said, “Ma’am, could you please fasten your seat belt?”

I laughed and nodded, quite forgetting that I had already worn it. When I saw that I had worn it, I said, “I have.”

The beeping continued. The cab driver felt that maybe, the buckle of my seat belt had not engaged properly, and asked if I would unfasten and refasten the seat belt again.

I happily complied. But the mysterious beep was back again.

Suddenly, the cab driver guffawed loudly and said, “Sorry ma’am. It is ‘I’. I have not worn my seat belt. Must have forgotten to fasten it after I gave my last customer his change, just before you got in.”

We had a good laugh, and till he dropped us off, the cabbie kept shaking his head and saying, “That was a first, how could I?”