What is time?


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There is one sentence that I hear very often  -“I don’t have the time.” I say this a lot too!

The days just seem to fly. The New Year is already 16 days old!

What is this thing we call ‘time’? Why don’t we ever have enough time?

What is time? I ask myself.

Time is a resource. Each of us has been given a certain number of years, months, days and hours to live on this planet. We call this ‘time’.

However, ‘my’ time is not ‘your’ time. Each of us has ‘time vouchers’ of different denominations.  These vouchers keep depleting in value, and unused vouchers can never be reclaimed.

Time is a ‘synonym’ for our lives. We should put it the best use possible.

We should spend time on things that actually matter. We should take the time to laugh, love, hug and cuddle.

We should take out time to dance in the rain, sing in the bathroom and ‘de-phone’ ourselves.

We should spend time reading, meeting family and going on long walks.

We should spend less time worrying and more time smiling.

We should allow time to burst into a hundred fragments of children’s laughter. We should allow time to curl around our hearts with beautiful music.

We should allow time to tease our tongue with new food flavours. We should allow time to tip-toe all around us when we fall into a nice deep sleep.

We should allow time to gallop with us as we strive to attain our dreams. We should allow time to give us the equanimity to accept what is.

Our life and time are one and the same. So let’s harness this resource we have, to do all the things that truly matter.

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22 Responses to What is time?

  1. Time – our old friend and for some, an enemy
    A fine offering, Nimi
    Thank you

    Big hugs


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  2. Sabiscuit says:

    I read the “I have no time to …” posts almost every day. And yet, we will always manage our time to be present for what best feeds our well being. Everything is relative and our focus will shift relative to our needs. Great words and reminders, Nimi. Have a splendid weekend.

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  3. ladysighs says:

    If we even did a couple of your time suggestions we would be ahead.
    I am going to start with “sing in the bathroom”. 🙂 But I already do that a lot. Maybe I should take the time to do less. 😉

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  4. Erika Kind says:

    Time is one of the most relative things. I just talked with my mom about that yesterday.

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  5. A great perspective you have there, thanks. ☺

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  6. So true! Great advice.

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  7. I have to remind myself I get the same 24 hours as Mother Theresa, Louis Pasteur and other accomplished people have. What we do with it is our own individual choice. ღ

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  8. 2ndhalfolife says:

    I agree….I have an important decision to make. Life is so important and short! Live every day.

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  9. Sash says:

    Beautiful Nirmala. I like the phrase “my time is not your time “. Very true.

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  10. Isabella says:

    Very inspiring and true Nimi Naren:-)

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