‘Colour’ & ‘Black & White’

A couple of days ago, I took this shot of a temple’s gopuram (tower), for it looked so majestic against the blue sky.


I came home and played about with the photo on my photo editor and gave the picture a sepia tone. And this is how it looked.


On seeing the image, I was immediately transported to a long-ago time, where monochrome ruled our lives.

Of old albums with lacquer covers, and black mounting sheets, on which fathers and moms, meticulously captured family history, baby photo-diaries and lots more.

Where there was no ‘digital’, only ‘physical’.  Photos that aged with a yellow sepia tone, capturing moments from our childhood – big ribbons and pretty frocks, sometimes dressed exactly like our siblings. Seeing a younger version of our parents and a time in their lives before ‘us’, their children.

I am sure most homes have at least one of these old albums, which captured family history and memories.

We will never know the colour in those pictures, but we do have a strong emotional connect with them. In our album we have many such wonderful photos – there is a photo of my husband and his brother on a scooter, my dad and his friend standing on our lawn, with a guitar, my sisters and I, dressed in identical skirts, and smiling at the camera!

The culture of physical albums is fast fading; now, it is all about digital archiving, and having the flexibility to edit memories and tell whatever stories one wants!

All pictures are copyrighted to http://www.simplemomentsoflife.wordpress.com


15 thoughts on “‘Colour’ & ‘Black & White’”

      1. Oh I think compatibility will be fine – software copes with old version much better now than it used to and I can’t see that aspect of technology slipping away. The trick is ALWAYS to make back-ups and to convert pictures to new forms when options become available. Basically, don’t let them become obsolete!

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  1. I really like your writing. You manage to find that little nugget of *truth* that most people can relate to. Whenever I read one of your posts – like this one – I find myself nodding my head in agreement.

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  2. I love my photo albums and my Mom’s old photos. Digital is nice but the fact that everything is documented now in excess seems to take away the value of them for me.


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