When a little girl met the PM

Last week, excitement was palpable across our city. Every single school and  every single cultural society & organization in the city was readying itself in anticipation; for a very important visitor, who was none other than the Prime Minister of our country.

Schools rehearsed and practiced their song and dance routines. Many little children were identified from various schools, to stand on either side of the road at the entrance to the main auditorium, where the PM was to make his speech. These children were given flags to wave, and to greet the PM.


Finally the day dawned, and the city was ready.

My friend’s daughter was one of the kids standing at the entrance, waving a flag and waiting to greet the PM. When the Prime Minister reached and made his way to the hall, he stood at various places to shake hands with the little children and stopped at other places to talk to them.

My friend’s daughter was one of the lucky ones and got to shake hands with the Prime Minister.

My friend did not know about this till late in the evening, when they got back home. Her daughter, strangely, refused to wash her hands before dinner. My friend was flummoxed.

And after a little prodding, the little girl told my friend that the Prime Minister had shaken hands with her earlier in the day, and hence, she did not want to wash away that precious memory from her hands.