Deepavali memories

I stand in my kitchen peering into the kadai, adding besan, spoonful by spoonful, into the bubbling sugar syrup that’s right now gurgling out golden ghee…..I leave the gas burner for a minute to get a drink of water & the delicious aroma of ghee, sugar & the first hints of Mysore Pak assault my senses.
My mind jumps back to another time …so long ago, in my hometown, where we would rush home after school to this wonderful smell of sweets being made. The air was festive – my granny would be on her sofa looking content with her family bustling around her. My mom would be filling-up box after box of sweets and savouries to distribute. At around 6 when darkness fell the first Lakshmi Vedi would go off with a loud crack…reverberating through the night. A frisson of excitement would run through the house…Oooooh “Deepavali is here”. We would await our Dad’s arrival from the cracker shop & inspect the goodies & share them.
One year, a coward, ready only to burst sparklers & flower pots, then a few years down, the brave one, setting off the dreaded ‘atom vedi‘, returning to base with a smirk that said it had been so easy. Then keeping our alarms for three thirty a.m. to be the first one in the block to set off the ‘100 wala & oosi pattasu’. Then the early years of college when it was not so cool to get up and be seen as doing all these with Featured imageenthusiasm. Then working life, marriage and kids.
Now, trying to re-create all that magic. Will my children remember the aroma of Mysore Pak wafting through the house? Do they look forward to the traditions we are trying to keep up every year? Yes, I am sure they will…maybe a different version of the same story..but the joy, the bonding & love will definitely continue.
Happy Deepavali to you all.

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15 Responses to Deepavali memories

  1. mahekmithare says:

    Happy Diwali to you too!!
    Sending love and wishes.♡♡

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  2. Beth says:

    Thank you for your lovely post Nimi 😊. Happy Deepavali ❤️

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  3. Arpita says:

    Happy Diwali! May itbe filled with light and love! 🙂

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  4. Sabiscuit says:

    Happy Deepavali. It’s a joy to share in the celebration with you, my friend. may you continue to be blessed.

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  5. That writeup brought back so many many memories Nims! Yes Indeed as parents ourselves, we are doing our bit to recreate those memories for our children. Given our current lifestyle and commitments, I just hope we turn out to be atleast half as good as our parents!

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  6. Sounds a bit like New Years or the 4th of July. What exactly does Deepavali celebrate?

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  7. Shivangi says:

    Lovely… Happy Diwali Nimi😀

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