Coffee Friends

Earlier, I had written a post about Popcorn Friends. There are many different types of moments in life that can be enjoyed with different types of friends.

Today’s post is about Coffee Friends. Simply put, Coffee Friends are those with whom you go out for coffee.


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Most Coffee Friends usually have a favourite coffee outlet or cafe for the Coffee Friend meeting.

Where I live, there are many good ones to choose from.

So, last week I had a Coffee Friend afternoon. Thanks to Whatsapp and Smartphones, we could take out an  hour from our crazily busy lives to catch up.

Though we each rushed in at the appointed hour, the next 60 minutes were pure relaxation. With the smell of lattes, mochas and capuccinos wafting all around us, and soothing music playing, we settled down in our comfy seats to another wonderful Coffee Friends meeting.

As we sipped our coffee and snacked a bit, we caught up with each others’ lives – from schedules to work to children to fashion. We squeezed in a lot in those 60 minutes.

We laughed, ragged, discussed some serious stuff, ordered more coffee, discussed life’s philosophy and peeked at our smartphones multiple times to stay in touch with our busy schedules.

60 minutes that were exclusively for us. No topic was too trivial or too heavy for the Coffee Friends.

Before we knew it, we were saying loud byes and exchanging hugs. Each of us headed in a different direction, totally rejuvenated and energized.

We plan to meet soon for another Coffee Friend morning.

So do you have Coffee Friends? Would love to hear about those moments.


18 thoughts on “Coffee Friends”

  1. I don’t have a lot of friends, in general. Most all of my friends are made through my children. On the rare occasions I go out for coffee with a friend, it’s usually someone I don’t see very often, like a blogging buddy or a FB friend I’m reconnecting with after years.

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    1. Like you, Marissa, I have only a small circle of close friends. These are people I see normally for an ‘occasion’ when we will spend a few hours together doing something. Just sitting and having a coffee – or any drink – would be rare – unheard of actually.
      Sometimes I think it comes from living in a large city with people scattered far and wide.

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      1. That may well be it. I’m having a big party next Sunday for my son’s Bar Mitzvah and managed to wrangle up a lot of guests. Surprising for someone as anti social as myself but I guess parties are a good time to get together with people you haven’t seen for a while.

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