Of little girls and little boys

A couple of days ago, when I was at my son’s school to pick him up after school, I met a very sweet girl, who was part of my group in a community project last summer. 

The girl and my son study in the same class.

When she saw me at school, she came running to me and hugged me. She said, “I miss you a lot.”

“I miss you too,” I said, hugging her. “Why don’t you come home some time? You can play with my son. You know each other, right?”

Pat came the reply, “Play with him? No…no, he is a boy.”


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I smiled.

Then she said, “You have a daughter right? I will come and play with her.”

“But she’s much older,” I said.

“Oh, that’s ok. But I can’t play with boys,” she said, with that typical grimace that little girls have when they talk about boys.

I came home and told my son about meeting his classmate.

“I can’t believe you asked her to come home TO PLAY WITH ME. Mom, how could you?”


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27 Responses to Of little girls and little boys

  1. Arpita says:

    Ahh! That glorious age when kids actually want same-sex playmates. Come few years, everything changes! πŸ˜›

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  2. So sweet! How things will change with time. πŸ™‚

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  3. I guess girls still have cooties over by you.

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  4. I can see the look on his face:
    Mom!!! πŸ˜‰

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  5. NJ says:

    Ha ha πŸ˜€ that hate stage πŸ˜› when both the sexes pick up a fight on anything πŸ˜› And come in some years of teenage they yearn for each-others comradeship πŸ˜€

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  6. Erika Kind says:

    OMG, how could you??? LOL!!!

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  7. katelon says:

    Interesting. Often, my son’s best friends were girls.

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  8. In no time, this little girl will be begging for time with your sweet son. πŸ˜‰ They sure grow up fast.

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  9. kimboxin says:

    So cute! I actually grew up on a street with all-boy neighbors. They were the ones who taught me to make mud-pies, and who dared me to take the training wheels off of my bicycle. I was fearless until the hormones started kicking in!

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  10. Adrian B says:

    how could you?!!!! follow by a “nice look”. LOL.

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