Coffee, me, myself – Part 1

It is that hour of the morning, when the body refuses to wake up, a few more minutes would definitely help. The bluish-pale silvery light of morning illuminates the bedroom. The birds are already up & about, calling out their sweet little tunes.  My hand stretches out to find the top of the talking clock by my bedside table. I gently press the top and the lady in the clock announces the time, “It is 6 a.m. on Monday.”

I struggle out of bed, brush my teeth, and robot-like, make my way to the kitchen.  I heat water in the pan and fill my filter with coffee powder.  I pour the hot water into the filter.  The aroma that wafts my way is pure bliss….the morning is getting better.  When the coffee filters down, I make myself a hot cup, frothing at the top, with a little bit of sugar.  I smell it….perfect!


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I go to the balcony and breathe in the cool morning air, I look at my sweet little plants and enjoy them for a moment.  I head back to the sofa & sit down, feet up.  I can see the road junction down below.

I savour every sip of coffee, just as I relish this moment of being alone with myself. The household is quiet, outside I can see cars at the junction, people on their early morning jogs, the green trees and the chirping birds.  My thoughts resemble a patchwork quilt.  Many colourful patches, about the day that just went by, the future, chores to be done today….jokes that came through on Whatsapp, projects that the children have to accomplish this week.

But in this meditative state, and with the coffee soothing me…I am content and happy….the day’s tensions await me, but this coffee can take on all of them and more.