Ludo, digitally!

The kids are super excited that their father and I have joined them for a game of Ludo. We are a little rusty but quickly reacquaint.
There’s a huge difference, we are playing Ludo digitally on the tablet. We get started…the first thing that hits me is that there is no dice to roll, the application does all the hard work. Cleverly positioning the dice on the board, while appearing to roll it, is no longer possible. No scrambling on all fours to look for the dice that has rolled under the sofa.


The kids are very enthusiastic….razor sharp observers..every move is planned and executed. Maybe it is age; or maybe it is a dulling of the competitive streak within me, but I am very passive in my play.
However, the children more than make up for it. They boo, they clench their fists, wish the worst for their sibling, cross their fingers & toes ….all wishing for that magical 6 or 4 or 1 that they want.
My shoulders silently shake in mirth. I can picture this scene 30 years ago, as my sisters and I bayed for each others’ blood, even for these simple board games. My daughter catches me laughing…her irritation peaks.
My son has assumed two Avatars for this game, the first is that of an aggressor…out to vanquish his sister; the second as a protector of his innocent mom, who he feels is so innocent as to require saving from the wily moves of the other players. He sacrifices a move to protect my coin, his sister smirks…’oh, how kind you are’! My son holds my hand reassuringly and glares at her.
The game goes on…they swear that they will not speak to each other. The winner does a victory dance, the other heaps curses…business as usual. The house is silent..the children are not talking to each other.

The next day…they are at a loose end, ego is sacrificed as they sign a truce and the game starts again.


23 thoughts on “Ludo, digitally!”

  1. I don’t know that game. You seem to get on well with the digital version. Do you feel like anything has been sacrificed by not playing the actual board game?
    Yes, I’m much less competitive now than I used to be, especially when playing with my children. I feel like I’m probably best off letting them win.

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  2. I’m never heard of the game Ludo before, but played a lot of card and board games as a child. Your story sounded very familiar to games I played as a child with my siblings πŸ™‚

    Unfortunately my boys never liked playing board games as kids so I didn’t get to relive those memories through them.

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  3. Yes, you are so right, there is no greater thrill than throwing the dice (we do ours in the lid of the box that holds whichever game to keep them from going helter-skelter). My grand kids are ruthless so I always have to be vigilant lest I be easily and quickly vanquished! Board games are the best with kids and even has the ability to turn ‘oldsters’ young in a single afternoon. πŸ˜‰

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    1. Ah…lid of the box! That is so cool. We always roll on the floorπŸ˜…πŸ˜…. These games are truly relaxing and we laugh a lot when we play with the kids. ‘Ruthless’ is the word…As always loved reading your comment πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

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